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2951 CLSS Gulf War Guestbook Archives
11/18/2010 - 12/27/2001

25. Steve Wiehe - 2010-11-18 14:15:04
My name is Steve Wiehe and was at KFIA, aka. Camp Eagle II, Tent City with the 101st Airborne Division during Desert Storm. I was a forward observer with the division. I am writing about my time in the desert 20 years ago and would love to include some information about you guys and the ones you served with in the Gulf War.

24. Greg AKA GEESEMAN Davis - 2010-06-01 02:17:19
Kool web site, I was assigned to the 2953rd...never did any real ABDR, but I was the Crew Chief for both AC 197 and 543 in Desert Storm. Both Lt Olson and LtCol Fox flew worked with me daily. The day before we lose Lt Olson, I took a long walk back to the Ops shack, debriefing 197’s write ups. A walk I never forget and a true wart hog driver and friend. Always wanted to see a final picture of our bird.Later.

23. Greg AKA GEESEMAN Davis - 2010-06-01 02:17:19
Kool web site, I was assigned to the 2953rd...never did any real ABDR, but I was the Crew Chief for both AC 197 and 543 in Desert Storm. Both Lt Olson and LtCol Fox flew worked with me daily. The day before we lose Lt Olson, I took a long walk back to the Ops shack, debriefing 197’s write ups. A walk I never forget and a true wart hog driver and friend. Always wanted to see a final picture of our bird.Later.

22. Wayne Brown - 2010-02-23 09:26:04
I was assigned to the 2951st clss in Sept. 1968 and worked on F105’s and FB-111. Saw a program on tv tonight, and though about the guys and had to explore what I could find. Good website. God Bless everyone!

21. Mike Gardner - 2009-12-03 04:21:55
Minor correction to your web page showing the destroyed F-4G during the first Gulf war. There was only one F-4G that crashed, not two. It did NOT sustain any AAA damage, but diverted out of the tanker tracks to the designated alternate airfield. The alternate was WXSOF. The aircrew made three attempts to find the runway but had to eject on short final when the jet ran out of gas. I know, I was a pilot in the squadron during that war. Thanks for the pictures!

19. Tony Braden - 2009-11-28 19:43:10
Pat nice website. was nice seeing some of the members from the old days. thank you for bringing back some good memories

18. mike reiter Sgt. - 2009-05-10 21:02:08
hey pat,awesome website.
my family and i really appreciate all your hard work.
i sure miss all the guys.
if you ever make it to oklahoma. let me know and we will take you to lunch.

16. Tim Porter - 2008-11-21 20:54:06
Hi Pat, Enjoyed the page, it was good to see someone had put something together. I found it when I was looking for A10 photos for my computer background. Take care. Tim Porter
Friday 11/03/2006 2:19:27am
Name: Scott Atwood
E-Mail: satwood66@yahoo.com
City/Country:City/Country: Gainesville, Ga
Comments: I was in the 74th from 1986-88 than at Alconbury in the 511th from 90-92.
Thursday 08/24/2006 4:37:50am
Name: Robert Gants
E-Mail:E-Mail: anthrobob@yahoo.com
City/Country:City/Country: Loris, SC, USA
Comments: I was the crew chief of 78-0722. Was a hard pill to swallow when our chief pulled up and told me my bird wasn't coming back (nor, as it happened, was Capt. Phyllis who was flying her that day). She did, by the way, have incomplete nose art, we had the name
"Last Crusade" on her. (I'm guilty on two counts in that respect, I have a degree in anthropology, and am an Indiana Jones fan even today). I was also standing there the day they towed 2664 in, and there the day she flew back home with us. Great job done by the depot team.

Robert Gants
TSgt, USAF Retired.
Wednesday 06/14/2006 4:16:36am
E-Mail: bradford.thomas@ssc.nasa.gov
City/Country:City/Country: SLIDELL, LA.
Saturday 06/10/2006 3:01:40am
Name: ray riehle
Homepage: http://www.teamwarthog.org
E-Mail: ray@aapplied.com
City/Country:City/Country: Citrus Heights/Sacramento CA
Comments: I am chairman of the committee working on the restoration of 76-0540. Please take a look at the web site and give me a call at 916 721-7162

Ray Riehle
A-Applied Mailing Service
Monday 04/17/2006 3:34:09pm
Name: Josie Hicks
Homepage: http://josiehicks@hushmail.com
E-Mail: Alabama, USA
City/Country:City/Country: How is it going? You seem to know how to
Comments: I like your page. It is a good one. Keep up the good work.
Friday 03/24/2006 10:09:59pmFriday 03/24/2006 10:09:59pm
Name: Austin Stevens TSgt (USAF, Ret)
Homepage: http://www.awargamers.net
E-Mail: austin_stevens@hotmail.com
City/Country:City/Country: Mary Esther, FL
Comments: I has there 23 TFW 74 AMU Thanks for the web page.
Thursday 03/09/2006 10:10:36am
Name: robert fishel
E-Mail:E-Mail: militarymom@frontiernet.net
City/Country:City/Country: rushville il
Comments: I was a sp at kkmc during desert storm and have several of the same photos of the F-16 that was damaged and watched it land. I also watched and responded to the f-4 that you have pictured I have quite a few photos of the a-10s and f-16 from there
Sunday 02/19/2006 10:45:03am
Name: Richard Ray
Homepage: http://N/A
E-Mail: richnkay946@mchsi.com
City/Country:City/Country: Hahira Ga. USA
Comments: Was a member of the 2954th CLSS 1971, at Kelly AFB Tx. Also was original crew chief on brand new A-10 80-142,while with 75th AMU, 23rd TFW, 1981.Retired Sept 1986
Sunday 02/12/2006 10:25:12am
Name: Ron Cannon
E-Mail:E-Mail: Rpcxx@aol.com
City/Country:City/Country: PA
Comments: 511th kfia 12/90-6/91
Saturday 01/07/2006 11:06:29am
Name: J.T. Herring
E-Mail: carolina_01@msn.com
Comments: Looking around at different sites while working on a project and came across your site and it brought back memories. I saw or rather heard the F-4 in your photos crash that early morning, but the fog was so thick I never got to see it close up. I was a weapons crew chief on an ICT spot at KKMC and notified supervision about the F-4 trying to get low enough to see the runway through the fog and how our lights were so much brighter than the runway lights that the aircrew probably thought that the taxiway we were on was the runway. Sure enough, on the fourth pass over my spot the engines flamed out and I heard two pops as the aircrew ejected and a few seconds later heard the thud of the aircraft as it hit the ground. After the ejection I started yelling for my crew to take cover in our bunker as the two canopies and ejection seats were coming down fast. About ten seconds later two chutes came down through the fog and the aircrew landed on the taxiway just west of our ICT spot.
Wednesday 12/28/2005 11:59:49am
Name: J servando
E-Mail: a109amech@aol.com
City/Country: Sacramento USA
Comments: Love your site! I joined the 406-604-940th CLSS after leaving AD in '90. Lots of really cool TDY's. The Hawg is STILL my favorite jet! Thanks for the walk down memory lane!!
Sunday 12/18/2005 11:28:56am
Name: Tony
Homepage: http://Brenner
E-Mail: abrenner@sc.rr.com
City/Country: myrtle beach, sc
Comments: i was a jet engine mechanic at myrtle beach (83-90) & raf alconbury (90-92). i have been looking for pictures of gulf war nose art (on a-10s) for a long time. thanks for the memories!
Sunday 11/27/2005 10:37:30am
Name: Rob Hutchins
E-Mail: hutchins1@bellsouth.net
City/Country: Acworth, GA. USA
Comments: Nice web page. Love the pictures brings back lots of memories.
Sunday 11/20/2005 2:35:05pm
Name: Konrad Karl S. Canete
E-Mail: chuckcanete5@yahoo.com
City/Country: Cebu City, Philippines
Comments: I was 14 yo when the Gulf War happened. Like many other kids my age, I was into airplane model-building. The A-10 was one of my first and my favorite because it carried all sorts of weapons and it did a great job as a ground attack/support fighter. After school, I would be hooked on TV in the hope of catching a glimpse of my favorite fighter in action. I would read about it in books and the stories of the pilots on Reader's Digest and Time magazine. Stumbling into this website brought back fun memories of those days. A plane is useless without its pilot and I believe that the A-10 owes its good record and reputation to the pilots who flew this magnificent fighter.
Monday 10/31/2005 8:43:07am
City/Country: Port st lucie Florida ,USA
Comments: Nice site, I manufactured and installed
many TF34-100 Engines on this aircraft
in the late 70s--80s at farmingdale L.I
New York plant.Those were the days!The time has finally come for this awesome
aircraft to prove itself, after all the
negative press back then.Wonder what the pilots think.......this is truly one of the last of an ALL AMERICAN BUILT AIRCRAFT...THE NEXT WILL COME FROM CHINA !
Sunday 10/09/2005 4:44:25pm
Name: Leo Ford
E-Mail: fedglock@yahoo.com
City/Country: NYC Area
Comments: I served with the 354 SPS,(1606SPS),Kirtland AFB. Assigned to KFIA from Aug90-Mar91. Liked the site,the pics brought back a few memories.
Take care.
Friday 09/16/2005 2:34:54pm
Name: Jerry Jackson
City/Country: Elwood, IN
Comments: 23 ECM/EWS Deployed to DS/DS
Monday 07/18/2005 5:59:07am
Name: Paul Jenkins
Homepage: http://www.navarrebeachrealty.com
E-Mail: paul@navarrebeachrealty.com
City/Country: Navarre, Florida
Comments: Just found this site... Looks great, brings back a lot of memorys.
Saturday 07/09/2005 1:13:10pm
Name: Cam McLean
E-Mail: ckmclean@cox.net
City/Country: New Bern, North Carolina
Comments: Patrick Olson(OA-10 197)was my brother-in-law (married to my sister Robin). They were high school classmates/sweethearts from Washington, North Carolina and after 4 years at the AFA they were married. I just put his name in the google search and came across this website and I'm glad I did. I was hoping there were some more pictures and/or information about Patrick Olson in dealing with his service and unfortunately the crash. I would appreciate any help with this. Thank you all for your service and for remembering Patrick!
Cam McLean
Wednesday 06/22/2005 12:01:31am
Name: Robert "Hutch" Hutchins
E-Mail: hutchins1@bellsouth.net
City/Country: Acworth, Georgia
Comments: I was assigned to the 76th AMU the same time you were. I was in Weapons Load shop. I deployed to KFIA and KKMC. I helped Guard the F-4 that crashed at KKMC.
Monday 05/30/2005 2:04:37pm
Name: John Moore
Homepage: http://N/a
E-Mail: antietam1958@cableone.com
City/Country: gulfport, Ms
Comments: The warthog is The best plane since the P-51 Mustang in my book. I always enjoy talking to warthog pilots at open house on air bases or when I see any one with a patch on in stores.
God bless the men and women who fly then and the people who work keep them in the air.
Friday 05/06/2005 5:03:03am
Name: Jeanette Clements-Gunn
E-Mail: JGunnA10@yahoo.com
Referred By: Friend
City/Country: Burkburnett/USA
Comments: I was stationed with the 23rd (75AMU) from 85-89. Awesome site...thanks!
Wednesday 04/27/2005 1:17:16pm
Name: MSG, Tom Chaffin
E-Mail: thom5082@comcast.net
City/Country: Baltimore
Comments: Intel Puke
104th TFG
Middle River, MD
Wednesday 03/09/2005 9:01:51pm  
Name: Randall Wiseman
E-Mail: randall.wiseman1@btinternet.com
Referred By: Friend
City/Country: United Kingdom
Comments: Great site. I was stationed at KFIA with the A-10's from Myrtle Beach. I worked in the Aircraft Fuel Systems Repair Shop.
Wednesday 03/09/2005 11:50:16am  
Name: Tom Burns
E-Mail: atburns@bellsouth.net
Referred By: Just Surfed In
City/Country: Decatur, Alabama, USA
Comments: A friend referred me to your Site. You have done a great job. I was stationed in England with the Air Force in the late 50's to early 60's.
Wednesday 03/09/2005 10:13:38am  
Name: Mark Brotherton
Homepage: http://www.8thcontrails.com
E-Mail: Brothmark2003@yahoo.com
Referred By: Just Surfed In
City/Country: Warner Robins
Comments: I was at KKMC (The Chem Zone)during Desert Storm, deployed with the 511th from RAF Alconbury. I pulled the gun system out of A-10 #181 before it got buried!
Wednesday 02/16/2005 3:34:52am  
Name: Patrick Schlegel
E-Mail: patrick.schlegel@gmx.de
Referred By: Just Surfed In
City/Country: Munich - Germany
Comments: Great site!!!
Tuesday 01/04/2005 3:05:55pm  
Name: mark orr
E-Mail: deborr@peoplep.c.com
Referred By: Just Surfed In
City/Country: weatherford Tx.
Comments: I was stationed at EAFB 84-88,75th AMU I work for Lockheed-Martin F-16 Block 60 customer acceptance. Hey Pat Good site!
Tuesday 01/04/2005 2:58:13pm  
Name: mark orr
Homepage: http://deborr
Referred By: Just Surfed In
Tuesday 01/04/2005 2:56:48pm
Name: mark orr
Homepage: http://deborr
Monday 01/03/2005 4:32:24am
Name: SGT. Martin L. Keith
E-Mail: mkeith@soscanhelp.com
City/Country: Winder Georgia
Comments: Great Photos. I have a lot of memories of tent city. I was Avoinics With the 355th Falcons.
Thursday 12/16/2004 1:13:08am
Name: Kottoman
City/Country: currently stationed in virginia
Comments: love the site <3 i like planes ;) you should add more pictures. anyways great site!
Thursday 11/25/2004 12:36:10am
Name: willie
Homepage: http://bellsouth.net
E-Mail: sitejohn@bellsouth.net
City/Country: orlando usa
Comments: just love the plane was hard to understand why at one point the craft was up for D commission,at one time, just hope it stay up to date and just keep on kicking butt so it will remain in service. me X miltery, us. army discharge 85, from fort sill
Tuesday 11/16/2004 11:29:34pm
Name: Mo
E-Mail: david.foelker@ramstein.af.mil
City/Country: Ramstein Air Base Germany
Comments: Great site...enjoyed reliving the dramatic crash of "Bones" Biley. Stirred up some other memories.
Dave "Mo" Foelker, A10 pilot, 76TFS
Friday 11/05/2004 3:23:29am
Name: Patrick McGlynn
E-Mail: patrick.mcglynn1@jsc.nasa.gov
City/Country: Houston, TX
Comments: Excellent site!

I was an A-10 crew chief at England AFB 23TFW/75 AMU and RAF Bentwaters UK 81TFW/511 AMU (before they moved to RAF Alconbury) and 78th AMU at RAF Woodbridge UK.

Your site brings back many good memories - thanks for your efforts.
Tuesday 10/19/2004 2:23:47am
Name: Jim Suprise
E-Mail: Jimsuprise@boisestatemail.edu
City/Country: Boise, Idaho
Comments: HI: I was wondering if you had any pictures of the A 10 that took the SAM thru the wing. Also, we were known as RAF Alconbury, not RAP Alconbury.
Saturday 09/11/2004 6:59:47am
Name: Jeremy Nicholson
Homepage: http://www.alienware.com
City/Country: Dayton, USA!!
Comments: A-10's are just the coolest bird.
Saturday 07/24/2004 2:01:51pm
Name: Mike Dempsey
E-Mail: subdempse1@tampabay.rr.com
Referred By: Just Surfed In
City/Country: Valrico, FL
Comments: I was stationed at KKMC as a 24250 (disaster preparedness). Don't know if you remember the C.O.W.s (chickens of war) that we deployed all over base. Do you have any pictures of them? Also, a little input on the A/C 197 that crashed. A certain ops officer parked his truck on the EOR and had alot to do with that crash.

Thursday 06/17/2004 12:21:58am
Name: amac
Comments: Cool site brings back the memories.

Monday 06/14/2004 2:21:32am
E-Mail: Heatwrench@Juno.com
Referred By: Just Surfed In
City/Country: U.S.A
Comments: Up untill afew months ago I didn't know what an A-10 was, I spent the last 10 years as an auto technician, but recently joined the airforce and I'm training to be an A-10 crew chief. Your site was awesome and I really enjoyed all the pictures.
Sunday 05/30/2004 9:11:54pm
E-Mail: gvanessche@skynet.be
City/Country: BELGIUM
Comments: I am a A-10 patch collector,and looking
for some A-10 patch collectors,and fund
a lot of A-10 fans.
Awsome site !!!
Thursday 05/27/2004 2:10:14pm
E-Mail: carlblood@yahoo.com
City/Country: Corinth MISSISSIPPI
Wednesday 05/19/2004 7:23:48am
Name: Ben Harber aka; KNIGHT
E-Mail: bringdownfire@sbcglobal.net
Referred By: Search Engine
City/Country: Costa Mesa, CA
Comments: Awesome site Pat, I love the A-10 pages! Especially the letter from the Christian Hog-driver. I've never seen better nose art. I'd love to see/hear about the latest roles the A-10 has undertaken. Thanks again, keep it up! God Bless.

Monday 05/17/2004 3:28:12am
Name: Michael Betts
E-Mail: pistol051400@msn.com
Referred By: Search Engine
City/Country: USA
Comments: I'm civilian and used to work with the 652nd at SMALC.
Wednesday 05/05/2004 4:45:12pm
Name: Aaron Ford
E-Mail: aaronford@hotmail.com
City/Country: Fairmont, West Virginia
Comments: Great Site, 1992-1996, 46250, 354th FS 355 Wing, McChord AFB/Davis Monthan AFB. Just looking for some old tail numbers...
Thursday 04/29/2004 1:58:43pm
Name: Ricardo (Rick) Martinez
E-Mail: rickmartinezjr@yahoo.com
City/Country: Tucson AZ
Comments: I was there at King Fahd and remember the friends that I pray for today, and the friends I have not met in todays military that continue to serve for the preservation of our world peace.

Rick M
Wednesday 04/28/2004 10:20:16am
Name: Philippe Colin
Homepage: http://www.philippecolin.net
E-Mail: mephisto@netrover.com
City/Country: New England
Comments: Just landed on your site and was glad to do so. I only knew about your F-106 site. I see a lot of Hogs in New England and New York state. Love the plane! I'm flying to Hawgsmoke 2004 tomorrow.

Great work.

Tuesday 04/13/2004 1:06:59pm
Name: Tom Comer
E-Mail: tcorbiter@hotmail.com
City/Country: Safford, AZ
Comments: Great site. I've been an A-10 fan for a long time. Thanks so much for putting this together.

Thomas J. Comer USAF 81-87
Sunday 04/11/2004 4:25:41pm
Name: dave connelly
E-Mail: davcon58@optusnet.com.au
City/Country: queensland, australia
Comments: G'day from downunder. Excellent site keep it up. Fascinating
Wednesday 04/07/2004 12:36:18am
Name: Richard Petersen
E-Mail: rpetersen@blast.net
City/Country: USA
Comments: Can anyone tell each armed service we really do need a STEALTH A-10. Talk about survivability !!! Like the Nighthawk, but able to support troops in daylight, and not attract IR or RADAR missiles. I hope someone knows how to get this going up a chain.
Saturday 04/03/2004 7:28:34am
Name: Richard Petersen
E-Mail: rpetersen@blast.net
City/Country: USA
Comments: All of the A-10 pilots and support people stand for this when it always counts. "I will probably give my life, if those on the ground are dying and I have the power to save them. I fear death, but can not run from it."
Monday 03/29/2004 3:27:13pm
Name: Douglas Brown
E-Mail: dj_brown@ameritech.net
Referred By: Friend
City/Country: Dayton, OH
Comments: Was part of the 23TFW in the gulf....Good site....keep it up as long as you can.
Sunday 03/28/2004 6:54:35pm
Name: James "JC" Leach, TSgt, USAF, (Ret.)
E-Mail: jleach5@cox.net
City/Country: Omaha, Nebraska
Comments: Just surfed in dudes!!!!

I havent had such a fun time reminescing in a long time. I could relate with each and evey pic. I evne remember some faces, places and of course the "Hogs".

I kind of wish we could have finished the job then and I am concerned about our boys now! Keep them in our prayers as they did for us when we were in their shoes..........

Thursday 03/18/2004 4:19:17am
Name: Richard Gomez
E-Mail: rb_gomez_2000@yahoo.com
City/Country: Alamagordo, NM
Comments: I was assignned to the 2951/652 CLSS from 1987 - 1994. I retired in 1997 E-7 Electrican. During Desert Storm I worked on the Mrtyle Beach side at KFIA. My most involved work was on aircraft 664.

A10-Ugly but WELL Hung!!!!
Thursday 03/11/2004 6:13:09am
Name: Ray DellAra
E-Mail: raymond.dellara@beale.af.mil
Referred By: Friend
City/Country: Sacramento/USA
Comments: Excellent site. I worked with several 2951/652 folks when they were stationed at McClellan...I was with the 940 ARW at the time. Thanks for keeoing the ABDR spirit alive!
Saturday 03/06/2004 3:54:19am
Name: Dallas Donelson
E-Mail: dallas.donelson@dm.af.mil
Referred By: Web Ring
City/Country: Tucson, AZ, USA
Comments: I repaired the engine from 181 while TDY to Bentwaters, amazing what damage these things take and still keep flying.
Thursday 03/04/2004 3:58:49am
Name: Jared
Homepage: http://.
E-Mail: JaredtheSniper@aol.com
City/Country: Wilmington Delaware
Comments: Nice to see a good compilation of A-10 nose art... Ive been planning on joining the Air-Force ROTC when I get to college so I can become a pilot, hopefully Ill be able to fly the A-10's
Wednesday 03/03/2004 2:28:43pm
Name: philip pugh
E-Mail: ppugh279@bellsouth.net
City/Country: belmont,ms [U.S.]
Comments: i salute you all proudly!!!
Saturday 02/28/2004 1:18:21pm
Name: richard ehrenberg
Homepage: http://www.worldcrimeleag
E-Mail: richard.w.eh@abc.comrenberg
City/Country: dc usa
Comments: awesome site.
Friday 02/27/2004 10:31:58pm
Name: Jerry Wagner
E-Mail: wagner@cox-internet.com
Referred By: Just Surfed In
City/Country: Alexandria, LA
Comments: I have a couple photos of 197 took prior to it being removed from between the runway and taxieway. I was a member of the 74th AMU working one of the ICT spot at KKMC when it crashed
Friday 02/27/2004 4:31:54pm
Name: Raymond Bohnenstiehl
E-Mail: rayb@surewest.net
City/Country: Sacramento
Comments: Was with 511th A-10s from RAF Alconbury. At King Faud, and KKMC.
Sunday 02/15/2004 8:30:25am
Name: Travis
City/Country: Hill AFB
Comments: Nice website too bad they don't do this for the 649th
Wednesday 02/11/2004 5:24:04am
Name: Tyler St.Amant
E-Mail: tstamant@tdw.com
City/Country: Louisiana
Comments: I enjoyed looking over the pictures and remembering my Desert Shield/Storm experience at KFIA with the 354 TFW.
Friday 02/06/2004 11:57:25pm
Name: jeff parrish
E-Mail: karch142@yahoo.com
City/Country: atlanta
Comments: was in black 75th AMU from 89 to 91.
comm/nav troop.
Monday 11/03/2003 10:42:30pm
Name: Rich Calma, Major, C.A.P
E-Mail: rickgousaf@westelcom.com
City/Country: West Chazy, NY USA
Comments: I was looking for ABD photos of Capt. Kim Campbell's A-10, shot up over Baghdad and found your site. Fantastic shots. Most of us here at home never got to see the extent of the damage our planes can take. I am proud to say that my friends on Long Island, NY, who worked at Fairchild Republic Aircraft until it's closure in the 90's, really put their hearts into designing an aircraft in the tradition of the great "Thunder" planes that came before the A-10. Planes that could really take a hit and still bring the pilot home.
An anecdote from the past: As a young Civil Air Patrol Cadet on Long Island I often flew with a pilot who was on the A-10 Test Team. Art Wardell, was an engineer at Fairchild and had just returned from a test session at Edwards AFB, CA. Capt. Wardell told us how one of the test planes had come back from a test mission with it's curved wingtip missing. The pilot did not realize it was missing, and it took a trip to the desert area where he had been maneuvering at low-level to find a huge semi-circular mark in the sand with the wing tip buried in it. Another jet returned with several small vertical cuts to the leading edge of one wing, caused by striking the long, whip antennas of a derelict tank it was making simulated gun runs on.
How true thease stories are I can only guess, but this is what the good Captain told us kids in 1971.
Rich Calma
Thursday 10/16/2003 6:19:10am
Name: Allen Van Cleef
E-Mail: allen.vancleef@lakenheath.af.mil
Referred By: Search Engine
City/Country: RAF Lakenheath UK
Comments: Great memories Pat, I am in Qatar doing it all over again. I am stationed at RAF Lakenheath. I was completely blown away by the site. Great to see the old pictures again.

Thursday 09/18/2003 2:14:41am
Name: John Lowy
Homepage: http://www.251st-kkmc.org
E-Mail: stormmedic251@yahoo.com
City/Country: Columbia, SC USA
Comments: Enjoyed your KKMC pics. I worked at KKMC Hospital. Check out my homepage.
Tuesday 08/19/2003 9:51:30am
Name: mac watson
E-Mail: mac.watson@worldnet.att.net
Referred By: Friend
City/Country: Fort Worth, Texas
Comments: love the web site, working at lockheed martin, have shown alot of 2951 and 652 people your web site. joe hughes, bryan webster just to name a couple. be looking for jay robertson, do you know how to get in touch with him?
Sunday 08/17/2003 12:18:36am
Name: Russ St.Onge
Homepage: http://www.SaintsComputers.com
E-Mail: Russ@SaintsComputers.com
Referred By: Web Ring
City/Country: Taylor, Michigan
Comments: I enjoyed this site like I did the F106 Delta dart site. Keep up the good work everyone.
Wednesday 07/23/2003 11:03:42pm
Name: Christina Cockrell
Homepage: http://www.bluepony.net
E-Mail: bluepony@tampabay.rr.com
Referred By: Just Surfed In
City/Country: Tampa, Florida
Comments: Pat,

Awesome website. I hadn't really looked at alot of other Gulf War pictures other than my own.

Thank you for sharing :)....The Mustang is pretty hot too ;)

Saturday 06/28/2003 10:08:07pm
Name: Chief Tech Robbie Stamper (RAF)
E-Mail: lyndenstamper@lycos.co.uk
City/Country: U.K.
Comments: Greetings from one ABDR School to another.
Tuesday 05/20/2003 2:34:27pm
Name: Dale Baker
E-Mail: dalebaker@classicnet.net
City/Country: Caldwell, TX
Comments: Hey Pat,
I was in the 2951st and was happy to find your photos of the a-10s in Desert Storm. I was at KKMC and may have some photos for you to add to your collection. Let me know if you would like them.
Dale Baker
SrA Frankie D. Baker
Wednesday 04/23/2003 2:36:37pm
Name: Raymond L. St.Jacques
E-Mail: rstjac@bellsouth.net
Referred By: Friend
City/Country: Biloxi, MS / USA
Comments: Good Site,
Saturday 04/12/2003 2:01:12am
Name: John "Boomer" Graziano
E-Mail: jboom43@aol.com
City/Country: Ft. Walton Beach, FL
Comments: Assigned to England AFB 1989 - 1992. Deployed to King Fahd as the 23TFW(P)DCM
Saturday 04/05/2003 11:59:19pm
Name: Fred Ford
E-Mail: suegaumo@superaje.com
City/Country: Ontario, Canada
Comments: A very sincere wish that all US and Allied staff return home safe and sound.
Best Regards
Fred Ford
Tuesday 04/01/2003 3:41:39pm
Name: Jason "Action" Jackson
E-Mail: action_jackson@sbcglobal.net
City/Country: San Gabriel, CA
Comments: Just stopped by to chew the cud and reminisce. I don't remember the tail I crewed, but was part of the 23rd TFW/75th AMU/B Flight from 1986-1989 at England AFB, LA. I was on the same aircraft the entire time I was there, started as ACC under two different DCC's and then just before I moved on to Davis-Monthan, AZ I became the DCC. The aircraft was the Squadron Cmdrs. It was sh-- in bombing, but had a good gun. Anyone who knows the tail, just wants to stop by, or can fill me in on where the 23rd went on to (I thought deactivated, but am wondering) feel free to contact me.

Also, I crewed as the DCC at 23rd CAMS in Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ from late 1989 til 1990. Got out on an early out just before the Gulf, but many of my friends went. Open to talking to any of you crew dogs, A.K.A. cockroaches...17 years later and you guys (and a few gals) are still popping up.
Tuesday 03/18/2003 7:13:07am
Name: Ray Esquivel
E-Mail: rayjessi@earthlink.net
Referred By: Friend
City/Country: Edmond Oklahoma, USA
Comments: Great website, heard about it from another CLSS alumni Jodi. Hope all is well with you. Ray
Sunday 03/16/2003 12:53:33am
Name: Darren McMullen
E-Mail: Darenmac@aol.com
City/Country: meridian ms
Comments: i was a crew chief at red section i left active duty in 1989 i was acc on 80-0223 and was the dcc on 80-0224 for gunsmoke 1989 im now crewing a kc-135r for the MS ang i would like to here how my planes came out of gulf war
Friday 03/07/2003 0:38:50am
Name: ss
City/Country: usa
Comments: Enjoyed your article. Appreciate your service.
Tuesday 03/04/2003 2:36:35pm
Name: Brice Habegger
E-Mail: bthabegger@netzero.net
City/Country: Indianapolis, Indiana
Comments: Served with the 930th MSS and the 45th TFS at Grissom AFB, Indiana 1989-1995. Really miss seeing the Warthogs around home. Great site. Thanks for the photos.
Thursday 02/27/2003 11:30:55pm
Name: Fred Saunders
E-Mail: fredsaunders@sbcglobal.net
City/Country: Tinker AFB Oklahoma
Comments: Checking out the changes to the site. Well done!
Tuesday 02/11/2003 9:25:48pm
Name: Pete Kesseler
E-Mail: epkpctech@Earthlink.net
Referred By: Web Ring
City/Country: Providence RI
Comments: Im an x A10A Crew dog. Last station was Pope AFB NC. Here are a few of the tails that I worked on.

9204 I was the DCC till 1994 (Have Picture)
666 Old MB Bird
Monday 02/10/2003 4:04:25am
Name: Gene Harrel
E-Mail: harrelfamily@yahoo.com
City/Country: Clovis NM
Comments: Pat,

Was nice to see all those old photos from King Fahd. I'm here at Cannon (my last assignment, I retire in May '03). Been doing the First Sergeant thing for the last 10 years, ready to start working with people who aren't always in trouble, in jail or out of thier minds. Al "the Pal" VanCleef and I were at RAF Lakenheath together for 5 years, he's still there. Jay Robertson is here at Cannon with me in AMXS (he got picked up for Chief this cycle). Jim Robson is in ATC up at Altus OK. Spoke to him the other day. I should have guessed you'd be in Korea. Take care!

Sunday 02/09/2003 6:21:28am
Name: Jim Martin
City/Country: San Diego
Comments: Served in U.S.A.F. in support of Desert Storm with the AC-130's from Hurlburt Field, FL.
Thursday 01/23/2003 11:38:10am
Name: TSgt Steven Winningham
E-Mail: stevenp3@comcast.net
City/Country: Augusta, GA for now...
Comments: I was at the KKMC FOL with the 728th Air Control Squadron, USAF. We were manning the two 15ft. "mickey mouse ears", providing comm for Col. Clifton and the A-10 personel. They always notified us of IFE's and I saw 197 come in. It was terrible. I have pictures of the smoke and the aftermath. Also pictures of 181 and the F-4.
Thursday 01/23/2003 11:36:57am
Name: TSgt Steven Winningham
E-Mail: stevenp3@comcast.net
City/Country: Augusta, GA for now...
Comments: I was at KKMC FOL with the 728th Air Control Squadron, USAF. We were manning the two 15ft. "mickey mouse ears", providing comm for Col. Clifton and the A-10 personel. They always notified us of IFE's and I saw 197 come in. It was terrible. I have pictures of the smoke and the aftermath. Also pictures of 181 and the F-4.
Friday 12/13/2002 4:08:33am
Name: George Caracost
E-Mail: george.caracost@saabus.com
Referred By: Friend
City/Country: Centreville, VA.
Comments: Was the A-10A, 3-2 Battle Damage Repair Manual useful or effective in the field?
From Former Fairchild Republic Employee Maintenance Eng. 1978-1987
Wednesday 12/11/2002 0:18:23am
Name: Mark Palmer
Homepage: http://www.davidpoe.co.uk
E-Mail: ml.palmer@ntlworld.com
City/Country: England
Comments: I'm an ABDRI in the RAF surfing for suitable pictures for training. Thanks - these'll do!
Sunday 12/01/2002 7:37:24pm
Name: Jakub Cikhart
Homepage: http://fly.to/dstorm
E-Mail: cikhart@secar.cz
Referred By: Friend
City/Country: Prague/Czech Republic
Comments: Hello,
just found this great page. I am modeler and now building 76-0540 from Gulf. Need help with that plane a bit. Want to make diorama in 1:32 during the repair of the tail in Gulf. Please, if you can, respond.

Best regards, Jakub
Saturday 11/16/2002 6:26:51am
Name: Steve Furman
E-Mail: trashtalkinspaz@yahoo.com
Comments: I was there with the 510 TFS Bentwaters, UK. 462's were there to load the weapons and EOR. What a time to look back on.
Saturday 11/09/2002 11:23:15am
Name: Don Ventrone
E-Mail: dvboat@qwest.net
Referred By: Friend
City/Country: Hill AFB, Utah
Comments: I have been in CLSS since 1997, 652nd at sacremento and 649th here at Hill.I'm an instructor for Proficiency flight and evaluate ABDR exercises. Best job I have had in 18 years!!! Recommend this job for any maintenance people in the A-10 world!
Friday 11/08/2002 10:55:29am
Name: Mark LaSalle
City/Country: Shaw AFB
Comments: Cool site. I worked just down from you folks with the 33rd AMU.
Yea verily you guys fixed some thrashed aircraft.
I watched 488 land from the hot pit area. (Specifically the second cargo crate "hovel".) The pilot did a sweet job of keeping it straight. One of our NCOs bagged the pitot tube which was ground in half lengthwise before it detached.
We also saw 197 go in.
You site is a good reminder of the price paid for victory.
Thursday 10/10/2002 2:53:37pm
Name: Guy Sotomayor
E-Mail: gsotomayor@nc.rr.com
City/Country: Pope AFB, NC
Comments: I'm stationed with the 75FS (the maintenece section just got changed to the 23 AMXS) we have two of you ABDR jets in our squadron, 186 and 664. 664 was flown by, now LtCol Johnson, who until recently was our commander. That jet is now the flagship of the 75th. Both jets fly just fine now.
Wednesday 09/18/2002 12:39:21am
Name: J-Paul Deutschmann
E-Mail: Dutchnole@aol.com
City/Country: Tallahassee FL USA
Comments: I was a crewchief on the A-10 during Desert Storm and assigned to the FOL at KKMC. I was on a crew turning ICTs. The spot that my crew worked was in a revetment across the taxiway from where 197 came to rest after its crash. I can still see the whole thing happening in slow motion even today. The scariest thing about it was that about a week or two before 197 crashed we were not working out of a revetment as they had not been built yet, until then we turned ICTs on the taxiway. The place were 197 came to a rest was right were we had built a makeshift bunker( more to get out of the weather than for real protection). We spent the days Turning ICTs, throwing a football or frisbee or whatever we could think of. had 197 crashed then, I have no doubt that I would not be writing this now! When 197 was coming in with a declared IFE we all went to the edge of the revetment, as we always did when an IFE was coming in. I don't know why, but all the guys on the ground seemed to think that we could "WILL" the jet and pilot to safety just by us watching, worrying, cheering and in some cases even praying. When 197 came in it was no different. We were all watching thinking that the pilot could here us as we offered advice and encouagement. It didn't matter. When it came in it was high too high, and too slow. We of course didn't know the extent of the battle damage. We were all hollering "More Power" but the jet had no more power to give. With about 75-100 feet of altitude the aircraft lost its' lift, she dropped like rock. We screamed. When she dropped the right main gear broke causing the right wing to drop and air to lift the left wing. This caused the cartwheel. The aircraft came to rest inverted, and on fire. Flares and chaff started to cook off as did some 30mm. I remember someone (I still don't know who) pulling me behind the revetment wall. It was the worst thing that I had ever seen( I was 19). The rest of the day was a blur and still is. It wasn't until I got back to RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge (81 TFW 581 AGS 91 AMU), that that day came back. You see after 197 came to rest and was still on fire with a billowing black cloud of smoke above her, someone took 5 pictures of her with my camera, to this day I don't know who took the pictures. I still have them in a photo album right next to a bunch of pictures of 181. I would be happy to send you copies of these if you'd like. I do not have a scanner though, so snail mail is the only way that I could send them, let me know if you'd be interested as I think they would be a fitting memorial to the young men and women who were not always the smartest but by god the best!
Friday 08/23/2002 6:41:56am
Name: Dale Shafer II
E-Mail: drocketman327@aol.com
City/Country: South Bend, IN USA
Comments: I love the A-10 and hope to have them in my pipeline when I go in. I'm working on the degree. Definitely my first choice of birds!

The most beautiful million dollar machine I have ever seen!
Monday 07/15/2002 3:45:09pm
Name: Randall Sierakowski
E-Mail: Randyski@att.net
City/Country: Lagrange,Ky 40031
Comments: SGT. Kendall Sierakowski[SKI] is my Son.. Really enjoyed your page..
Thank you
Randy SKI
Saturday 07/06/2002 5:19:49am
Name: Matt Gould
Homepage: http://gra.midco.net/mlgould
E-Mail: gacman@hotmail.com
City/Country: Grand Forks AFB, ND
Comments: Cool Site! I like the pictures.
Wednesday 07/03/2002 6:08:59pm
Name: Marshall E. Farris
E-Mail: marshall.farris@us.army.mil
City/Country: PSAB, KSA
Comments: I was wondering if I could easily find something on my former USAF unit and "wow, found it". Thanks for posting this.
Does anyone know the orders # for the USAF Outstanding Unit Award that we earned while in Desert Storm and how I can obtain a set of orders?
I left the military after the War to save my marriage and happy to say 12 years later still happily married with 2 wonderful children.

I joined the Army in '96 and recently was accepted into OCS and will go to school in September '02.

Please email if you have answers to the orders questions. I also intend to submit my "grainy" photos from the Gulf War as well. Since I'm in Saudi and won't be home for a while I'll need some time.

Hope all of you are doing well!

Sunday 06/02/2002 4:09:19am
Name: Kendall Sierakowski
Homepage: http://www.louisvilleconcierge.com
E-Mail: Concierge@win.net
City/Country: Louisville Kentucky
Comments: Hey Pat loved that picture of you and Mike Fox
I am working for Ford Motor Co. in Louisville and my wife and I own our own business was great seed those pictures of 664. It was war and yes hell but fun none the less.
webpage is our company one but the email goes to all of our locations.

I am doing great married for 10 years three daughters.If you are ever in the louisville Airport we have an office in the terminal there. Talk to you later. Do you know where Mike Fox is or
Jay robertson?
Monday 05/13/2002 5:56:16pm
Name: Michael J Kellar
E-Mail: Roker419@hotmail.com
City/Country: Currently stationed at Kunsan AB ROK
Tuesday 04/09/2002 11:30:07am
E-Mail: sgtgoose1@mwisp.net
City/Country: USA
Thursday 03/28/2002 7:52:04am
Name: mark
Homepage: http://www.theoffspring.com
E-Mail: Flaming_Skull@theoffspring.com
City/Country: Houston
Comments: Warthogs rule.
Saturday 03/23/2002 5:41:10am
Name: Fred W Saunders
E-Mail: fsaunders@if.rmci.net
Referred By: E-Mail
City/Country: Blackfoot
Thursday 03/14/2002 11:21:35am
Name: SrA Mark
Referred By: Just Surfed In
City/Country: NO HOPE POPE AFB
Comments: Sweet a/c 186 and 664 still flying great
Friday 03/08/2002 10:38:04pm
Name: Maj Tommy Ray (USAF)
E-Mail: thomas.ray@wpafb.af.mil
Referred By: Search Engine
City/Country: Wright-Patterson AFB OH
Comments: Great page. The Aeronautical Systems Center has been recently tasked with providing 24 ABDR Engineers for potential deployments in the future. I sent our folks a link to your page -- great material for our young airmen. Thanks.
Tuesday 02/19/2002 11:48:27pm
Name: Donald Gagnon Col (USAF Ret)
E-Mail: dgagnon@arinc.com
Referred By: Friend
City/Country: San Antonio TX
Comments: Our company (ARINC) may have an opportunity to provide ABDR training to one of our Allies. We would be interested in receiving resumes from members who might be interested in developing ABDR training, and or providing that training.

My office phone is (210) 308-1645 If I do not answer try Mr. Stan Routin at (210) 308-1655. Both have voice mail.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Don Gagnon
Monday 02/18/2002 2:52:44pm
Name: James McGinn
E-Mail: jimmcginn5@hotmail.com
Referred By: Friend
City/Country: New Orleans LA
Comments: Great site, I know a few of our (926th)birds came through the ABDR and you who worked on our and/or any planes did one hell of a job.
Friday 02/15/2002 1:57:25pm
Name: Keith Schmauss
Homepage: http://schmauss@transedge.com
E-Mail: ask google
Referred By: Search Engine
City/Country: wyoming
Comments: I am ssgt mark schmauss , I was just looking about and think about my brother
Sunday 01/20/2002 4:03:35am
Name: Adrian J Stuart-Robson
Homepage: http://www2.prestel.co.uk/stuart-robson/rafrahawks/raf1.htm
E-Mail: adrian@stuart-robson.prestel.co.uk
City/Country: Pembrokeshire, Wales. UK
Comments: like the style of your website and it's great contents.......it might be 10 years or so ago but it's still vivid in the mind and your site just proves it. Well Done
Thursday 12/27/2001 8:16:01pm
Name: Patrtick McGee
Homepage: http://www.pats-world.com/gulfwar
E-Mail: mcgeep@kornet.net
Comments: This is my new guestbook for Pat's World A-10 Gulf War ABDR.